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2017 Recap

I know I'm a little late to the 2017 year end post game, but I figured why not. 2017 was a big year! There was a lot of traveling and a couple big life changes. Let's jump into the highlights!

Went to the Tulip Festival

I experienced my first spring in the PNW. One activity I had heard about through friends was the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon. When Adam came to visit, we made the trip north and spent the afternoon taking in the rainbow rows of tulips. In expected PNW fashion, the weather kind of sucked but it didn't stop us from having a great time.

Took my First Ferry Ride

Seattle Ferry Ride | Sunburn in Seattle

This is all thanks to my friend, Emily! She wanted to get out of the city and planned my first trip to the Olympic Peninsula. We went to Hurricane Ridge (where it was foggy and rainy - much like the second I went) and Port Angeles. This was the first of many great memories waiting to board the ferry on the way back from Bainbridge - listening to music, leaning on the car, and eating all the car snacks we had leftover.

Travelled to Some of my Favorite Places

We started off the year with a weekend trip to LA during what may have been the wettest weather in over a century (I didn't fact check this and probably shouldn't believe everything I read on internet, but it seems plausible, right?). Then I visited my college town with side trips to Washington D.C. and one of my favorite cities - Pittsburgh. There was even a quick trip to Portland with a pit stop in Cannon Beach thrown in there, as well.

Went Camping for the First Time

Rialto Beach Camping Trip | Sunburn in Seattle

I had somehow lived nearly 26 years without ever going camping. I must say that my first time was a good one. Between beautiful scenery and time with friends, it was hard to complain about "roughing it" for a night. Although I didn't get a chance to camp again in 2017, I'm no longer afraid of the outdoors and can't wait to plan weekend camping trips in 2018.

Adam Moved to Seattle

This is easily the biggest and best thing that happened in 2017. Adam and I have been long distance since June 2015 when I moved to North Carolina after grad school. After 2 years apart, it's been so much fun to explore the same city together and call the same place home.

Watched the Eclipse

Eclipse Watching in Madras, OR | Sunburn in Seattle

Shortly after Adam moved here, we travelled to Madras, OR to camp out for the night and watch the eclipse. While not as much of a spiritual experiences as others have made it seem, it was still one of the coolest things I've experienced.

Visited New Parts of Washington

I got the chance to explore new parts of Washington with friends and Adam once he moved here. Some of my favorites were Orcas Island, Lake Crescent, and Deception Pass. For every place I visited, I added at least 2 more to visit in 2018.

Left my Old Job.... And Started a New One

I had been unhappy with my job for quite some time - like, unhappy to the point of crying in my office on the reg. I finally decided it was time to take the new job hunt (and my own mental well-being) seriously. After a referral to Amazon, I got an interview and the job! I actually don't mind going to work now, have made new friends, and am not miserable on a regular basis. What more could I ask for?!

Got the Mermaid Hair of my Dreams

Blue Hair | Sunburn in Seattle

I've wanted brightly colored hair for as long as I can remember. After a grad school program that was caught up on appearances and a job unnatural hair would have been scoffed at, I finally had the chance to dye my hair whatever color I wanted. Kassi at Vine Hair Studio made my unicorn mermaid dreams come true with every shade of blue imaginable.

Travelled Home for the Holidays

Since Adam moved to Seattle, we had to do some traveling back home for the holidays. We managed to split time between our friends and both of our families... And work in a few stops at Sheetz! It was a rushed trip with a lot of driving between Maryland and West Virginia, but it was good to be home and make some holiday memories together.

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