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2018 Fall Bucket List

Pumpkin Patch | Sunburn in Seattle

Pumpkin Patch | Sunburn in Seattle

Autumn is my favorite season. While fall is pretty short-lived in Seattle, there are still so many activities to try to squeeze in on the weekends. It's also easy to forget about things you want to do! So, here's my list of activities I hope to accomplish before autumn is over. I hope it inspires you to do the same in your city!

  • Go to a pumpkin patch

  • Host a Halloween brunch

  • Carve pumpkins

  • Drink apple cider with spiced rum

  • Have a horror movie marathon

  • Buy a cozy, fuzzy pullover

  • Pick the perfect couple's costume

  • Binge watch American Horror Story

  • Visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory on a rainy day

  • Eat Pike Place Clam Chowder ("hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons")

  • Go apple picking

  • Have a wine tasting girls' day

  • Take a fall foliage drive

  • Spend a weekend at a cabin in the mountains

  • Go on an early fall hike

  • Host Friendsgiving

  • Hang out with friends at a beach bonfire

  • Drink new pumpkin beers

  • Take a Seattle underground tour

  • Make Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for the apartment

  • Get a fall manicure

  • Take Sophia the Cat on a walk

  • Make compost cookies (yay, MilkBar!)

  • Finish that book I started

  • Do a round of picklebacks at Montana (the bar, not the state)

What do you hope to accomplish this fall? Let me know in the comments!


2018 Fall Bucket List | Sunburn in Seattle

Sunburn in Seattle

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