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2018 Gift Guide - Cat Lady

This is the second in a five part series of Christmas Gift Guides for 2019. I'll be helping you find gifts at different price points for the unicorn princesses, Murderinos, casual outdoor enthusiasts, and cat ladies in your life - oh yea, and that one friend that's always cold.

I'm one of resident cat ladies of our friend group - there are actually two of us. We both own cat leashes and have been to First Caturday in Cal Anderson park on multiple occasions. Most of our friends just walk away when start talking about things our cats have done recently - I promise it's actually very riveting conversation. Given the popularity of cats - at least on the internet - you probably have at least one friend like us. Just because they identify as a cat lady doesn't mean there aren't stylish, moderately classy gift options available! Here are some ideas that don't include lint rollers or stuffed mice.

Cats, Naps, & Snacks Sweatshirt | Sunburn in Seattle


Cats, Naps, and Snacks Sweatshirt


I Dew Care Sugar Kitten | Sunburn in Seattle


I Dew Care - Sugar Kitten Peel Off Mask


Be More Cat | Sunburn in Seattle


Be More Cat: Life lessons from our feline friends


Maurice the Cat Ceramic Planter | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - coceramicsstudio

Maurice the Cat - Ceramic Planter


Confetti Scarf | Sunburn in Seattle

Confetti Scarf


Kitty Container | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Kitty Storage Container


Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens


Cat Soup Bowl | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - SavaKeramika

Cat Soup Bowl

*=Affiliate Link

2018 Cat Lady Gift Guide | Sunburn in Seattle

Sunburn in Seattle

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