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2018 Gift Guide - Casual Outdoor Enthusiast

This is the fourth in a five part series of Christmas Gift Guides for 2019. I'll be helping you find gifts at different price points for the unicorn princesses, Murderinos, casual outdoor enthusiasts, and cat ladies in your life - oh yea, and that one friend that's always cold.

I like to go outside sometimes. I'm not good at it - I get hot, sweaty, and cranky. I may not love it in the moment, but in retrospect, I never regret doing it. Chances are, you probably have a friend that likes to hike (read: walk on trails) and could get some good use out of the gifts below.

Wool Mountain Pillow | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - Dreamhere

Wool Mountain Pillow


Insulated Wine Glass | Sunburn in Seattle


Insulated Wine Glass


Natural Firestarter | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - doublebrush

Natural Firestarter


Campfire Sweatshirt | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - simplysagemarket

Campfire Sweatshirt


Portable Camping Chair | Sunburn in Seattle


Portable Camping Chair


Hidrate Smart Water Bottle | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Hidrate Smart Water Bottle


Camping Hammock | Sunburn in Seattle


Camping Hammock

2018 Gift Guide - Casual Outdoor Enthusiast | Sunburn in Seattle

Sunburn in Seattle

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