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2018 Gift Guide - Your Cold Friend

This is the last in a five part series of Christmas Gift Guides for 2019. I'll be helping you find gifts at different price points for the unicorn princesses, Murderinos, casual outdoor enthusiasts, and cat ladies in your life - oh yea, and that one friend that's always cold.

We all know that person. As soon as the temperatures drop below 60 degrees, they're breaking out their North Face. They probably have a portable heater under their desk at work... and a blanket draped across their chair - just in case. I'm pretty sure every friend group has that friend that's perpetually cold. Here's what to get them for the holidays to help them stay cozy.

Snacks Throw Blanket | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - FrankiePrintCo

Snacks Throw


Llama Heating Pad | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Llama Heating Pad


Ember Mug | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Ember Mug


Chunky Knit Throw | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - JennysKnitCo

Chunky Knit Throw


Plaid Blanket Scarf | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Cozy Plaid Blanket Scarf


Bookstore Scented Candle | Sunburn in Seattle

Etsy - Frostbeard

True Crime Sweatshirt


Teddy Mittens | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Teddy Mittens


Noodle Bowl | Sunburn in Seattle

Urban Outfitters

Noodle Bowl + Chopsticks Set

2018 Gift Guide - Cold Friend | Sunburn in Seattle

Sunburn in Seattle

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