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6 Things I Love Sunday

Pamela's Diner | Sunburn in Seattle

Inspired by the weekly series on A Beautiful Mess, I want to take some time to reflect on the previous week - what was fun, what brought me joy, and probably cute animal pictures - in order to start the following week on a positive note and beat the Sunday Scaries.

Long time no see and happy New Year! After a holiday break with a lot of driving and a lot of family, it's time to get back in the rhythm of things. This past week was a nice and slow introduction to the new year. While I can't say that I'm glad to be back in the swing of work, I'm happy to be home and starting on some 'New Year, New Me' type projects.

Here are some things that I loved about this week.

  1. Adam and I have cooked so much! We tested out his new sous vide and made some of the most delicious steaks I've ever had. I've also been putting my immersion blender to use with curried butternut squash soup and some garlicky AF tomato soup. We were also inspired by our recent Netflix binge and made ragu a la Salt Fat Acid Heat.

  2. I went to the gym for the first time in a month! And more important, have gone consistently since then :)

  3. We rang in the new year with new friends. We kept it low key with a few of our favorite dive bars, pizza, and champagne cocktails.

  4. This dog video that nearly made me actually laugh out loud.

  5. We spent a lot of time watching Netflix and caught up/binge watched a few shows - British Baking Show, Tidying Up, Derry Girls, and Salt Fat Acid Heat.

  6. Inspired by Tidying Up, I started to KonMari the shit out of my closet and dresser. It's felt oddly relieving to say goodbye to soooo many pieces of clothing.

That's all, folks. Hope you have a great week 2 of 2019.


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