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2019 Pacific Northwest Bucket List

Summerland - Mt Rainier | Sunburn in Seattle

It's hard to believe that I've lived in Seattle for over two and half years now. In that time, I've managed to do a lot of cool things like camp at Rialto Beach, spend a long weekend on the Oregon Coast, hike to Summerland at Mt. Rainier, and so much more.

There are endless things to do in the Pacific Northwest and within driving distance of Seattle. It's almost overwhelming deciding what to do and where to explore that we typically fall into the same weekend activities of going to the market, checking out breweries, and going to Dark Bar to get pizza. We're starting to find that it's much easier to decide what to do when we have a list of things to pick from. Who would've thought?!

That's why I decided to put together the list below - with a little input from Adam! And of course, it was a fun excuse to put the Apple pencil I got for Christmas to use.

2019 PNW Bucket List | Sunburn in Seattle

As you can tell, a lot of things we'd like to do involve getting out of the city and spending time outside. That's something we didn't do too much of in 2018. After a health scare at the beginning of the summer and the subsequent physical and mental recovery, we stuck close to home and took it easy. Hopefully this year, we stay healthy and can knock off everything on the list!

What sights are you hoping to check off your local bucket list this year? Are you hoping to keep close to home or venture out a bit for something new?


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