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5 Things I Love Sunday

Pike Place Market | Sunburn in Seattle

Happy Sunday! My first full week back to work in 2019 was a killer. Good thing I'm working on being better this year! That said, I was exhausted by the time I got home each day, so we didn't get out and do much during the week. We did take advantage of the beautiful, clear weather though!

Here's what I loved about this week:

  1. Getting fresh fruit and veggies from Pike Place Market. And everything that comes along with a trip to the market - gyros, Cloudburst, and a nice walk from Capitol Hill.

  2. Going to Ikea! I got a lot of storage supplies, and I'm super excited to get my life (or closet, at least) organized.

  3. This jumpsuit from ASOS. How freakin' cute is that?!

  4. Getting back in to Battlestar Galactica. Making it off of New Caprica was pretty rough, but Season 4 is proving to be way more exciting!

  5. Having double dinner on Friday. We started with early pizza and beer at Dark Bar's happy hour. Then, we moved on to Rachel's Ginger Beer for Ma'ono's chicken tenders and pickles. And a pink guava mule, of course!

Have a great week!


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