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6 Things I Love Sunday

Portland Plant Shop | Sunburn in Seattle

Inspired by the weekly series on A Beautiful Mess, I want to take some time to reflect on the previous week - what was fun, what brought me joy, and probably cute animal pictures - in order to start the following week on a positive note and beat the Sunday Scaries.

Happy Sunday! This was a weird week. Each day flew by, but the week itself seemed to drag on forever. We laid low for the majority of the week - which was much appreciated after last weekend in Portland.

Here's what make this past week great!

1: Weezer's Teal Album. I've enjoyed Weezer's cover of Africa for quite some time now, so I was super excited when I opened Spotify at work and saw a Take On Me cover in my release radar. That's when I discovered the Teal Album, and it got even better. I've added the playlist below so you can experience it for yourself!

2: We did get out of the apartment once this week for a show at The Triple Door. It was a really cool venue and not something we would typically do on a Wednesday night. The show was a part musical, part burlesque, and part aerial show! We'd definitely recommend checking out a show there if you get the opportunity.

3: Friday night's dinner consisted of chicken tenders from Ma'Ono. As soon as I get the thought of them in my head, it's all I can think about. They're so spicy and flavorful and delicious. And the fact, I can wash it all down with Rachel's Ginger Beer makes it even better.

4: Sophia's friends came to visit! Now, I probably sound like a crazy person - because Sophia's a cat, and she has no friends. But! We have two squirrels that live in the tree outside our dining room that like to hangout on the fire escape and taunt her, and they came to visit yesterday afternoon. Watching Sophia get excited and swish her tail around while sitting in the window makes me so happy! Also, one of the squirrels is super fat and adorable.

5: Last Sunday, we got breakfast at a food truck in Portland called Fried Egg I'm in Love. One - that name is great. Two - it was probably one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've had. Although, I did get the "egg-splosion" bite of both mine and Adam's sandwiches and got egg yolk all over my scarf.......

6: We finally finished watching Sex Education on Netflix earlier this week. I loved this show! I laughed. I teared up a little. It was just great. The characters initially seemed kind of stereotypical. As the show progressed, though, each of their storylines were so engaging and dimensional. Eric's storyline in particular got me right in the feels. He's a wonderful character.

That's all! How was your week?


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