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4 Things I Love Sunday

Neon Lights | Sunburn in Seattle

Inspired by the weekly series on A Beautiful Mess, I want to take some time to reflect on the previous week - what was fun, what brought me joy, and probably cute animal pictures - in order to start the following week on a positive note and beat the Sunday Scaries.

Happy Sunday! Adam was out of town this week, so I had plenty of time to lounge around and work late (yay?). I tend to lay low when he's not around and catch up on Netflix and go to bed obscenely early. Keeping that in mind, my list for this week is pretty short.

Here it goes:

1: Catching up with a friend with an after work happy hour.

2: Going out for a soup lunch with the gals from work. I've been to the soup place enough times in the past couple of weeks that the guy at the register finally introduced himself.

3: My ASOS order from a couple weeks ago finally cleared customs and got delivered! I ordered a few things to take on the cruise I'm going on with my mom in April - which led to a warmer weather themed fashion show. And those are always fun!

4: This bathing suit from Aerie. I tried it on last weekend, then ordered it online when I got home - since it was much cheaper on the website!

Like I said, not much went on this past week. But, the good things that happened were pretty good.

Have a great a week!


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