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5 Things I Love Sunday

Seattle Skyline | Sunburn in Seattle

Inspired by the weekly series on A Beautiful Mess, I want to take some time to reflect on the previous week - what was fun, what brought me joy, and probably cute animal pictures - in order to start the following week on a positive note and beat the Sunday Scaries.

Happy Sunday! This week was weird. We were snowed in the majority of the week, so I worked from home. Then I took a vacation day on Friday. The lack of human interaction was very strange. When we all returned to work on Wednesday we recapped how long we went without showers and the insane amounts of snacks we ate. Seattle felt like a completely different place for those few days, but I wasn't update about it. Now I'm prepping to get back in the groove of normal snow-less life, which is definitely leading to more Sunday Scaries than usual.

Here's what I loved about this week:

1: Adult snow days. Yes, I still had to work from home, but sitting on the couch is much better than being perched at my standing desk. Adam and I also tried sledding one afternoon on a cardboard sled - we failed miserable, but it was still a blast.

2: Emo Nite with work friends at Chop Suey. I wore ridiculous makeup and danced to all my favorite songs from high school.

3: Having a little Valentine's Day getaway with Adam to Manette. It was a short trip but relaxing and full of naps. It's always nice to get out of the city, even it's just for the night in an amazing AirBnB. We also had the best pastries (maybe ever) from Saboteur Bakery. If you're ever in the area, we definitely recommend it.

4: Dinner and game night with friends. Our friends recently bought a house in South Seattle and invited us and another couple over for pizza and games. It was a nice evening with a lot of laughs and cute puppers running around (that also couldn't look at the camera at the same time).

Winter and Ted | Sunburn in Seattle

5: This weird and majestic creature.

Have a great week!


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