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5 Things I Love Sunday

Palihotel Seattle | Sunburn in Seattle

Inspired by the weekly series on A Beautiful Mess, I want to take some time to reflect on the previous week - what was fun, what brought me joy, and probably cute animal pictures - in order to start the following week on a positive note and beat the Sunday Scaries.

Happy Sunday! I actually had a chance to breath this week after work. I still didn't have quite as much free time of the evenings as I had hoped. Given that Adam and I hadn't spent much time together over the past few weeks, I planned a little staycation at one of the newer hotels downtown. That, paired with the beautiful weather this weekend, almost made me forget how much I've been working recently.

Here's what I loved this week.

1: The staycation! We stayed at the new(ish) Palihotel downtown on Friday night. It was so relaxing grabbing a beer nearby, having dinner next door at the Hand and the Hunter, and laying in a king-sized bed watching HGTV.

2: The weather with weekend was incredible! Adam and I went on a picnic at Volunteer Park and laid in the sun for a few hours this Sunday afternoon. We continued the outdoor party by hanging out on the patio at Summit Public House and grabbing tacos down the street.

3: We're been rewatching Arrested Development. It's my fourth or fifth time watching it, and it gets funnier every single time.

4: Getting ice cream at Salt and Straw. I went in for the St. Patrick's day themed ice cream but ended up with a scoop of the wild-foraged berry flavor. It was soooo good!

5: I started a new project for funsies. After a couple of weeks of making smoothie ratings for breakfast and sending Adam the ratings, I started a new instagram and website!

Have a great week!


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