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How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

Puerto Vallarta | Sunburn in Seattle

My mom and I are going on a cruise at the end of April! I haven't been a real vacation since Puerto Vallarta with Adam last year. That particular vacation ended in disaster and a nearly weeklong stay in the hospital. Needless to say it wasn't as relaxing as a vacation should have been.

That means I'm going all out for this cruise. I'm going to splurge a little on preparation and wanted to share what I'm doing to get ready over the next couple of weeks. Many of these things you can start doing a couple months in advance to get in the vacation spirit. And others are good to save for the week or so before your trip.


1: Get a Pedicure

Maybe it's just me and the fact I haven't had a pedicure since my last vacation.. But, nothing screams 'I'm going to the beach!" to me quite like a fresh pedicure with a bright, tropical color.

2: Go for a Wax

Ok, I know - this does not sound like fun vacation prep. I'm not one for getting mostly naked in front of strangers, but after I got my first wax before vacation it was life changing. Not dealing with razors and razor burn for a week long vacation was totally worth the 15 minutes of discomfort.

3: Make a Packing List

This is when vacation gets real for me. I normally make my exact packing list about a week or two before the vacation. I normally make a pretty generic one, then get more specific right before I'm ready to start packing.

4: Do a Little Shopping

Right before vacation is when I do a little splurging. This is the perfect excuse to buy a new bathing suit, sandals, and maybe even a new dress (or two!). Right before vacation is also a great time to stock up on skincare, SPF, and new eyeshadow or lipstick if you're feeling fancy.

5: Get a Head Start on Your Tan

By no means am I condoning spending time in a tanning bed. There are plenty of other options for getting a little preliminary color before hitting the beach.

6: Plan Your Activities

Book your excursions. Make dinner reservations. Booking ahead of time gives you even more to look forward to and may even help you score some deals for booking in advance.

7: Buy a New Book

I don't read as often as I'd like to in real life. In vacation life, though, I read a lot. I'll normally bring along a second book just in case.


What do you do to prepare for vacation? Anything I'm missing or I should think about adding into my pre-vacation routine? Want to hear about the Puerto Vallarta Vacation Nightmare?


7 Ways to Prepare for a Beach Vacation | Sunburn in Seattle

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