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Banh Mi or Bust!

Last week while doing my mid-evening scroll through my Facebook feed, an interesting event suggestion jumped out at me - 2017 Banh Mi...

48 Hours: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is easily one of my favorite cities. I remember my first trip to see a Pirates game with my family and taking the Gateway...

Floral Dress & Ivy Wall

Dress | ASOS Shoes | Target Sunglasses | ZeroUV For the longest time, I had been adamantly against the off the shoulder trend. I had...

Weekend Trip: Rialto Beach

A few weeks ago I went on my first "backpacking" trip to the Olympic Coast. I'm putting backpacking in quotations, as I did carry my...

"She tried meditation to calm herself, but ended up taking a two-hour angry nap."

- Arrested Development


Hi, I'm Jordan.

I'm a 28-year-old Seattle transplant, originally from West Virginia.  I want to share what I love about my city, my travels, fashion, and general musings about life and things I find on the internet.

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