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Floral Dress & Ivy Wall

ASOS Floral Dress in Front of Ivy Wall | Sunburn in Seattle

Dress | ASOS

Shoes | Target

Sunglasses | ZeroUV

For the longest time, I had been adamantly against the off the shoulder trend. I had tried on a few off the shoulder pieces here and there that ultimately resulted in no-gos.

The sleeves would flop back up onto my shoulders when I moved. The sleeves slid too far down my arm. I feel like I have the shoulders of a linebacker. Maybe I shouldn't stand with the posture of a troll.

Jumping ASOS Floral Dress | Sunburn in Seattle

Either way, I determined off the shoulder was not for me. That is until I saw this dress while perusing an ASOS sale a couple months back. I don't typically wear bright colors or large prints, but I was immediately drawn to this large tropical floral pattern. It seemed perfect for a beach vacation that is nowhere to be found on my calendar.

Not quite the beach, but Pittsburgh was a perfect destination for this dress. The loose fit and bare shoulders kept me cool and mostly sweat-free in the humid Pennsylvania heat.

Stretch in ASOS Floral Dress | Sunburn in Seattle

My boyfriend and I couldn't pass up a (not so quick) photo shoot in front of this ivy covered wall close to downtown. You can see how this dress looked in the rest of our adventures in my other Pittsburgh post here!

What styles have you been hesitant to try? What piece changed your mind?

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