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Recent Purchases: ASOS

Like a lot of people, I've taken some of my newfound time at home to shop online. I don't normally order clothes online unless I'm certain they'll fit, but with nothing better to do, I ordered a few things from ASOS just to give them a try. I placed 2 separate orders over the course of 2 weeks - don't @ me - based on different sales that were going on. Here's what I ordered and a mini-review of each item.

Stradivarius balloon sleeve poplin top

I wore this top last week for a walk around the neighborhood. This is the only top like this I own and I'm really happy with the purchase. It fits well and feels comfortable. The sleeves definitely make a statement, but they're not over the top and will be easy to wear to the office (when we go back) or around on the weekends. And, it checks one of my favorite spring trend boxes, so that's a plus!

COLLUSION smock maxi dress

I. love. this. dress. It's SO comfortable and easy to wear. I've worn it out on an afternoon walk and around the apartment to feel a little more put together while working. I've already worn it a couple of times over the past 2 weeks and will definitely be adding it to my weekly rotation.

ASOS DESIGN satin maxi dress

I knew this dress was going to either be a huge hit or a total miss when I added it to my cart. It's completely out of my comfort zone and not like anything else in my closet, but I loved the pattern, colors, and fun sleeves. I really liked it when I tried it on, but the fit around my hips was a little weird - probably because the material wasn't super forgiving. It could have worked, but I also didn't know where I would wear it. The dress was a little too much for my daily lifestyle, especially with my lack of plans and places to go these days. Ultimately, I decided to return this one.

ASOS DESIGN linen shirt

I'm not sure how, but my closet is lacking tops that aren't t-shirts or crewneck sweatshirts. I thought the colors and shape of this shirt were cute - they remind me of ice cream, for some reason - and figured I'd give it a try. I had a button-front shirt last summer that was so easy to throw on with shorts (it got horribly stained, unfortunately), and I feel this one will be a good replacement!

ASOS DESIGN button front romper

My mom had sent me a link to this romper a few weeks, and I thought it looked super cute for summer. I'm not sure if it's my body type or the cute of the romper, but it was not flattering. The armholes were giant, but not in a cute, oversized way like the pictures on the model. The torso was a little short, which is a problem I don't normally have with rompers. Lastly, the fabric felt thin and not that great of quality. This one will definitely be going back!

Dr Denim Meja a line shorts

I saw a pair of not-quite-Bermuda-length shorts on Free People that I loved but were completely out of my price range. I got super excited when I saw these, as I liked the black denim and a-line cut even better. To be honest, I have pretty large thighs that don't always look the best in normal jean shorts. I'm looking forward to wearing these that have more coverage and a wider fit, though!


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