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5 Trends I'm Loving for Spring

The sun has finally come out. It's consistently been above 60 degrees for nearly a week. There are pink flowers everywhere. It's finally Spring in Seattle.

For someone that's worn primarily sweatpants and isn't leaving her apartment for anything other than groceries and takeout for the foreseeable future, I've spent a lot of time cultivating opinions on clothes for the new season. Between a trip to the mall prior to quarantining and hours spent browsing my usual shops online (because what else is there to do right now?), I've managed to put together a list of the trends I would be wearing if I had places to go.

Spoiler alert: It's not just a list of different types of sweatpants. I promise.


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I'm not sure if it's the more monochrome colors or dreamy, cloud patterns, but I've been all about tie-dye lately. Maybe because it's the only thing I see while scrolling Instagram, and I have no choice but to be into - but, who knows?

The best thing about this trend is that if you're not up for spending $100 on a sweatshirt, you can always DIY it! I spent the better part of my Sunday tie-dying everything white I could find in our apartment - Adam's undershirts, a pair of joggers and sweatshirt (bought these specifically for the project), and a random pair of undies that had been hiding in the back of my top drawer. I'm not going to pretend any of it turned like the pictures above, but I'm at least not ashamed to wear my sweatshirt on my next grocery run!

Square Necklines

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Not going to lie - when my mom was visiting at the end of February, I tried on a few square neck dresses and said I hated them. Now my tune has changed. This neckline looks super feminine and fun for spring and summer. That said, it still feels a little out of my comfort zone - I typically gravitate toward higher necklines and keeping my chest mostly covered. I think this is a trend I would definitely have to try on in-store, but I'm gravitating to these pieces more when browsing online.

Babydoll Dresses

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I don't know about you, but the less my clothes touch my body, the better. Babydoll dresses are perfect for that, while still looking polished and put together. These simple dresses are a great canvas for dressing up or keeping it casual. Personally, I like wearing them with sneakers or sandals and a denim jacket on chillier spring days!

Puff Sleeves

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I've been seeing voluminous sleeves everywhere recently. On my most recent trip to Zara - granted, that was over a month ago - nearly ever top I picked up to try on had a puffy sleeve. A statement sleeve jazzes up an otherwise plain shirt or dress.

I do have a gripe with this trend, though. Although very cute, a lot of the short sleeve options have elastic around the end of the sleeve. This elastic is normally a little tight on my arms no matter what size top I try on - maybe I should start hitting the home gym a little less............. lol

Desert Tones

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Maybe this is me just being sad that our trip to Arizona was canceled due to COVID-19, but I love these muted earthy tones. They're easy to pair with other shades and are a bit more fun than your typical neutrals. I also think these colors are flattering on a variety of skin tones.

Out of these colors, I keep drifting towards the more peachy and clay tones. Luckily, I can nearly any piece of clothing - leggings, dresses, pants - in my favorite colors. They are also popping up in some of my favorite makeup brands, as well. You can't tell me that shade of Glossier's Skywash isn't completely dreamy!

What are you loving for spring? What outfit are you excited to wear once you have somewhere fun to go? Should I actually have just made a list of my favorite types of sweatpants?

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