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January Favorites

K Banana | Sunburn in Seattle

January is definitely the Monday of the year. Everything that could go wrong at work has gone wrong. It feels like the only thing I've done at home is tidy - thank you, Marie Kondo. We did manage to get out of town for a quick a trip to Portland - but, it was cold and rainy. Then there were a couple hungover Saturdays that didn't help January's case either. But, we finally made it to February and can get on with the rest of 2019. All of that doom and gloom aside, I managed to find a few favorites this past month.


1: Elf Mascara - I recently rediscovered this in my collection, as I was running low on my usual mascara. I wore it once and realized it didn't flake or turn me into a raccoon through the day, so I've been wearing it ever since!

2: Lush Cinders Shower Gel - I picked this up back before Christmas. I can't get over the smell - it's warm and spicy, but still light.

3: Glossier Zit Stick - This stuff has been a lifesaver! Although I've gotten my skin under control for the most part, I still had a few pimples pop up. I would use the zit stick in the morning and before bed, and they greatly reduced in size overnight. Then, they were completely gone in just a couple of days!

4: Too Faced Gingerbread Palette - This is was a Christmas gift from Santa. The colors are a bit out of my comfort zone, but this palette has definitely inspired me to put a bit more effort in doing my makeup on a regular basis.


1: A New Day Pleated Skirt - This skirt is just the best! I've worn it with graphic tees, sweater, boots, sneakers, and sandals on our trip to San Diego. It's so comfy and is a an unexpected pop of color in my wardrobe.

2: Who What Wear Striped Dress - This dress has become a go-to when I'm not sure what else to wear. I've been throwing it on with Nikes, leather jacket, and scarf. It's super comfy!

3: Aerie Colorblock Leggings - These leggings are so soft and buttery! Although they do show some sweat when worn at the gym, they're so easy to move around in that I can deal with it. They're also super cute for running errands with a sweater and sneakers.

4: Kate Spade Cat Purse - I mean, come on. Do I even need to explain this.


1: Sodastream - This was the best Christmas gift from Adam. I go through at least a liter of bubbly water each day, and we've already gone through a canister of CO2. The Sodastream was definitely a worthwhile addition to our collection of kitchen gadgetry.

2: Grapefruit - I had never eaten a grapefruit until a couple of weeks ago. Adam suggested we get one while at Pike Place, and it's the best thing that's ever happened in my life. I've had at least half a grapefruit every day since then. I've even ordered a second set of grapefruit spoons - who even knew those were a thing?!

3: Cactus Lumbar Pillow - This was another Christmas gift from my mom. It's super cute and fits right in with our somewhat kitschy decor - and, of course, my love of a good cactus. The thing that surprised me the most about this pillow is that it's from Cracker Barrel.

4: Sex Education - We breezed through this show in just a few days. I already shared my love for it in a recent Things I Love Sunday post and immediately knew I had to include it here, too.

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