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Casual Culottes

Nap Queen | Sunburn in Seattle

Pink Culottes | Zara

'Nap Queen' T-Shirt | Etsy

Denim Jacket | Topshop @ Nordstrom

Black Mules | Forever 21

Glasses | Warby Parker

Every time I went in Zara throughout the summer, I saw these amazing bright pink pants. The last time I saw them in the sale section and figured I should finally try them on. They were a bit out of my comfort zone - I don't typically wear such bright colors, but they seemed like a fun addition to my wardrobe. (And the price was great!)

Pink Culottes & Denim Jacket | Sunburn in Seattle

I finally decided to wear these pants on a casual Saturday afternoon wandering around the city. They were the perfect weight for the definitely-not-summer-but-not-quite-fall weather we've been having in Seattle lately. The color lends itself more toward actual summer, but I'm not ready to give up on that summer feeling quite yet.

While the pants make quite a statement with their neon pink color, a super casual (and accurate) slogan tee and denim jacket make them more approachable and less in your face. A flat shoe made walking through Queen Anne and South Lake Union easier and played up the ankle length of the pants.

Nap Queen | Sunburn in Seattle

As we were finishing our walk toward the South Lake Union Farmers' Market, we saw this colorful mural and had to stop for a few photos. Once at the farmers' market, I got an amazing lunch of cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and pickles from Fire & Scrape. I know this post is about my outfit, but I couldn't help but mention this glorious combination of delicious perfection. Don't pass them up if you ever see their tent at the SLU or Fremont Markets!

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