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Dinner at Mezcaleria Oaxaca

After successfully surviving my first week at my new job, drinks with friends were in order. Adam and I decided to grab dinner before meeting up with everyone. With no particular plan in mind, we walked around Capitol Hill while consulting Yelp. I narrowed down to wanting some sort of Mexican, and we eventually ended up at Mezcaleria Oaxaca.

I had been to Oaxaca a few times before, but mainly to sip margaritas in the sun on the AMAZING rooftop deck. Their margaritas are on point, and if you catch happy hour - pretty reasonably priced. They are flavorful and quite strong. You should probably stop after two, but they’re so good you won't want to. Trust me, you should definitely stop after two, though.

This was my first time going there for dinner, so I was interested to check out the menu. Downstairs is open seating, and we had quite a few options. We chose a spot at the bar before a waitress pointed out an open table around the corner, so we moved there, instead.

Service was quick and offered to get us some chips and guacamole while we decided on our main dish. We opted out of margaritas since we were getting drinks later. When the waiter returned, we placed our order for the Tlayuda. The menu described it as being 'sometimes enough for two', so it was the only thing we ordered.

A few minutes later our waiter placed the equivalent of a medium-sized pizza on our table. The giant fried tortilla was covered in beans, cabbage, salsa, and cheese then topped with skirt steak and chorizo. It was a bit messy to eat but good! Adam and I ate from our respective sides with plans to meet in the middle, but it was entirely too much food for the two of us. I recommended the menu should be updated to say 'always enough for two, sometimes enough for three'.

Overall, the service was great and our food was pretty good. We plan to return again for dinner, but will probably order something different. I really want to try their al pastor tacos the next time around. And for sure, order a margarita!

What new restaurants have you tried lately? Will you give them another try?

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