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Aviv Hummus Bar

Hummus Where the Heart Is - Aviv | Sunburn in Seattle

I believe it's safe to say that one of Adam's favorite hobbies is finding new restaurants on Yelp. That's why when the weekend rolled around and we wanted to make low-key plans with a friend, we decided to try out Aviv Hummus Bar, which just opened early this month.

We checked out the menu beforehand and, as expected, found hummus with a variety of toppings. The menu also featured a few falafel options and some additional sides. While we confirmed our selections, the waitress brought a small dish of pickles and olives to keep us occupied. Since hummus is the main feature at Aviv, we ordered three different styles of hummus to share - falafel, basar, and masabacha.

Hummus Trio and Pita - Aviv | Sunburn in Seattle

The base layer of hummus for the falafel and basar was the same - smooth and a bit garlicky - while the masabacha had more texture. The falafel was served with tahini and six or seven small falafel balls in the middle. The falafel was herbier (and greener) than I expected, but it was still pretty tasty. The basar had an island of shawarma spiced beef in the middle. It was a bit on the greasier side but had a great flavor! Lastly, the masabacha was warm with half smashed chickpeas. Each plate came with a single light and fluffy pita (extra pitas were an additional charge), which happened to be the perfect amount for each of us.

The restaurant itself gave an energetic and fun vibe. The bright white walls and ceilings made the perfect backdrop for vibrant chairs and wall décor. The fun aesthetic was a welcome change of scenery to the basement bars and dark dives where we normally spend our Friday nights. It's not everywhere you can find a hummus-based pun mural with decorative chickpeas!

Aviv brings an atmosphere and restaurant concept to Capitol Hill that I had yet to experience. I think Aviv will easily find its way into our regular rotation of hangout spots!

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