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What I Wore: Traveling Home for the Holidays

What I Wore: Airport Edition | Sunburn in Seattle

After living in Seattle for nearly a year and a half now, I would expect that flying back home to the east coast would get easier. It hasn't yet.

Flights are expensive. Luggage is expensive. Airport snacks are expensive. Scrambling to make your suitcase weigh less than the overweight limit approximately 10 minutes before you need to leave is stressful. Deciding where to leave your car after seeing Seattle Parking Enforcement out in full force is stressful. …… Airport parking is expensive.

The only thing I had squared away more than two days in advance was my airport outfit. I knew I had to be comfy, cozy, and somewhat presentable for public for the 5 hour red eye into BWI and the subsequent 2.5 hour drive into our old college town.

Airport Outfit | Sunburn in Seattle

I've had these leggings for actual years. They've become my designated flight leggings. They're soft and broken in and the fold-over waistband is comfortable even during a cross country flight. That's the same reason I opted for a bralette and oversized fit t-shirt. Plus the 'Basic' slogan is pretty funny. I've been wearing this cardigan jacket literally everywhere recently. Then I finished off the outfit with these blue and black Nikes that I haven't taken off since I bought them.

I normally pride myself on falling asleep on planes before takeoff. This time I one-upped myself and fell asleep while sitting at the gate waiting to board. So, we didn't get a chance to snap any pictures at the airport. Luckily, our hotel in Morgantown had this great, fluffy comforter to use as a backdrop.

What's in My Carry On Bag | Sunburn in Seattle

Given the last minute scramble to ditch 10 pounds from the suitcase, I ended up with some random things in there I didn't include in the photo. But this is a pretty good representation of what I like to have with me on flights:

  • A good book - I'm working my way through Fredrick Backman books, after reading A Man Called Ove last year

  • Headphones

  • iPad for podcasts and music

  • Laptop

  • Advil

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Extra pair of glasses

  • Starbucks gift card

  • 2 eyeshadow palettes (these were an addition due to the suitcase purge)

What's your go-to airplane outfit for winter travel? Do you have any carry-on must haves? Let me know below!

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