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January Favorites

January Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

The majority of my favorites from this past month are Christmas presents that I've been putting to good use. I'm pretty sure that using and wearing gifts you got for Christmas is one of the only redeeming qualities of January.


Beauty Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Colour Pop Super Shock Eyeshadow - One by One

The first time I tried this eyeshadow with a brush and was actually super disappointed. It didn't blend well, seemed chalky on the brush, and just didn't feel good on my face. The next time, I tried applying it with my ring finger, and I completely changed my opinion. This color is great for day to day with just the right amount of shimmer.

2: Colour Pop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick- Screenshot

I had never used any Colourpop products before receiving a few in my Christmas stocking. I had been on the hunt for the perfect peachy nude color and this happened to be it! My only issue is that I definitely need to blot it after applying - but after that, it's exactly what I had been in the market for.

3: Radha Rosehip Oil & Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer

When I'm diligent about my skincare, I cover my face in rosehip oil before bed. My skin is super soft and moisturized when I wake up the next morning. When I'm feeling especially dry, I add a few drops into whatever moisturizer I'm using in the morning. It gives my skin exactly what it needs to help makeup glide on easier and keep it from settling into my dry spots (especially under my eyes).

4: KMS California Add Volume Shampoo

I used KMS California products when I was in college. I looooved the way the smelled but got introduced to new products and stopped using KMS somewhere along the way. Earlier in January, I was looking for a volumizing shampoo and KMS popped up in my search. I decided to go back to an old favorite and enjoy it just as much as I did years ago. Plus, it smells like licorice! (Which is weird that I like it, since I can't stand to eat it.)

5: Commodity Gold Perfume

I purchased this a couple years ago to take on our trip to Iceland. Between moving across the country then across town, it had remained tucked away since then. I'm not sure how I stumbled across it recently, but I'm glad I did. It's such a light, soft scent that makes me feel so warm and content. I've found that it's pretty long lasting on my, as well.


Fashion Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat - Pale Pink

I had asked for this coat for Christmas and it's easily one of the best gifts I've ever received. I don't know how I survived my first winter in Seattle without it. The fit and color are super feminine and fit in with my wardrobe so well. I stay dry af in the consistent mist (and suprisingly intense downpours we've had recently) that is Seattle's winter weather situation.

2: Sheer Polka Dot Socks

I found these at Urban Outfitters for like $5. I couldn't not get them. They're a fun, unexpected addition with cropped pants and sneakers or peaking over the top of ankle boots. My favorite thing I've paired them with is the pair of Jeffrey Campbell's below!

3: Jeffrey Campbell Carla

Again, these were a Christmas present. I get it - they're kind of weird and not everyone's cup of tea. I didn't even think they were my cup of tea when I opened the box. My mom really didn't think they were her cup of tea when I opened the box. The grew on me pretty quickly. They dress up jeans and a sweater so nicely! And they're pretty comfy, too!

4: Rose Gold Pineapple Necklace

Maybe I should've written about my Christmas presents instead of things I was loving in January - because this was another stocking stuffer. This necklace is super dainty and adds a little something to plain t-shirts and sweaters.

5: Topshop Dree Crop Flare Jeans - Black

These jeans were a great find during the Nordstrom sale right after the holidays. These are probably the best fitting pair of jean I've ever owned - they sit on my waist at the perfect spot, they're the perfect cropped length, they're black, the flare is so fun, they can be dressed up or down. They're just the best!


Lifestyle Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Battlestar Galactica

Adam has been asking me to watch Battlestar with him for a while now. I finally ran out of excuses. We finished the first season before the end of the month and immediately jumped into season 2. It's been an emotional rollercoaster. Not going to try to hide it - I probably shouldn't have made so many excuses for not watching it to begin with.

2: The End of the Fxxxing World

You. Need. To. Watch. This. Show. British accents. Dark Wes Anderson vibes. Teenage shenanigans. Murder. Unexpected ending. Bingeable. Just watch it.

3: Amazon Meal Kit - Thai Red Curry

Being able to stop by the Amazon Go store on the way home has made life so easy. Adam and I have tried out quite a few of the meal kits over the past two months. We recently had the Thai Curry for the second time, and its soooo good. It's fast, easy, and has quite a bit of spice.

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