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Ballard Brewery Crawl

Ballard Brewery Crawl | Sunburn in Seattle

According to my friend Callan, there are five things you need for a great Saturday in Seattle.

  1. Good Food

  2. New Breweries

  3. New Beer

  4. Exploring Ballard

  5. Best Buds

Adam found this brewery crawl route through Ballard on Reddit a couple weekends ago. We opted for the Short Version, which included 7 breweries. The only brewery one the list we had been to was Lagunitas, so we were pretty excited to give the rest a try!

Salmon Bay Cafe | Sunburn in Seattle

We thought it would be best to start with brunch. Having a greasy base layer in your belly is great starting point for a day that will inevitably be full of beer. In the spirit of the day, we chose a spot we had never been to in Ballard - Salmon Bay Café. It's such a cute place next to the marina. It definitely had diner-y vibes due to the décor, seating, and menu. Everything as reasonably priced and the portions were HUGE. I mean - just look at this omelet!

Seafair Omelette - Salmon Bay Cafe | Sunburn in Seattle

After catching up over brunch, we started the brewery crawl!

Lagunitas Taproom | Sunburn in Seattle


Beer: Wet Hopped Fusion 2000

NW Peaks Brewery | Sunburn in Seattle

The Bergschrund/NW Peaks Brewery

Beer: Peakbagger 1217

Peddler Brewery | Sunburn in Seattle


Beer: Tropic Thunder IPA

Reuben's Brews | Sunburn in Seattle


Beer: Crikey IPA || Also tasted the Raspberry Sour (it tasted like raspberry jam and it was everything)

Snack: Cheese Wizards

Stoup Brewing | Sunburn in Seattle


Beer: Citra IPA

Lucky Envelope | Sunburn in Seattle

Lucky Envelope

Beer: Buddha's Hand Citron IPA || Also tasted their Raspberry Sour - it was really good too!

Populuxe | Sunburn in Seattle


Beer: Technobabble IPA

Snack: Peasant Food Manifesto || Kimchi mac & cheese was bomb


My advice if you decide to try out this route yourself:

  1. Don't get a full pour at each brewery

  2. Do a taste test before ordering

  3. Don't forget to drink water

  4. Do get snacks along the way

  5. Do share your beer with you friends - swap them if you like theirs better!

  6. Don't get a late start

Snaps from the Day | Sunburn in Seattle

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday or have friends in town and want to show them a good time, I highly recommend this self-directed brewery crawl. It was such a blast, we're already talking about trying out the extended 10-brewery version in the summer!

Let me know if you've planned a similar day, you favorite local brewery, or the best beer you've had recently!

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