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February Favorites

February Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

I have no idea where February went. It feels like it was January just a couple of days ago. I doubt it's the 28-day thing? Who knows! Either way, we're one month closer to spring in Seattle, which you won't find me complaining about. Until then, I'm still enjoying sweaters and warm drinks that you can learn more about below.


Beauty Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Glossier Haloscope - Moonstone

This product surprised me. I've been an avid Watts Up user for the entirety of my highlighter wearing life. I expected this highlighter to have a similar feel, but I was completely wrong. The product feels dewy for the entire day and looks pretty effortless with my new no-foundation look.

2: Garnier Moisture Rescue

I used this moisturizer once before around this time last year. I was running low on my other moisturizers and thought I would try this one out again. I like it a lot more than I remember! I feel like the gel formula actually soaks into my sink, as opposed to sitting on top of it like a lot of moisturizers I've tried tend to feel. Following up the Solution with this stuff is just magical!

3: Vanicream Facial Cleanser

I may have stole this one from Adam. We've both been dealing with some wintery dry skin issues, so he did some research and picked this up from Target. I figured why not try it out, too. While it's not the most glamorous face wash out there, I've found that it works wonders. It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin, actually removes my makeup, and doesn't burn my eyes - all at a great price point!

4: Glossier Solution

I only used this the later part of the month, but I can already see a difference in my skin. It's never been this smooth and even before! I've even started to forgo wearing foundation to work, which is something I wouldn't even consider a couple months ago.


Fashion Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Topshop Dip Dye sweater

This sweater was an A+ Goodwill find. It's oversized and cozy. The dip dye effect is full of the perfect shades of purple. I didn't realize until I put it on that the sleeves are very wide at the bottom, which is not something I typically gravitate toward, but have been fun to swing around and bundle up with.

2: Ugg House Shoes

These house shoes have been around a for a few years, as well. They're perfect for keep your feet off cold hardwood floors without making them all sweaty. That's all you really need in life, right? Not cold but not sweaty feet!

3: Aerie Party sweatshirt

Aerie isn't normally a stop on my shopping adventures, but a pretty decent sale caught my eye and I stopped in. I saw this on the sale rack and thought it was super cheeky and fun. It's been perfect to wear to brunch and friends' birthday parties!

4: Loft Fuzzy Cardigan Coat

I got this for Christmas a couple years but didn't start wearing it regularly until this winter. In February, I wore it at least once a week! It was the only thing that could keep me warm in my freezing office this past month.


Lifestyle Favorites | Sunburn in Seattle

1: Ikea Artificial Monstera Leaf

It's no secret that I can't keep plants alive. That's why I was so excited when I saw this at the end of the Ikea Marketplace! It's been a nice addition to the bar cart, by adding a bit of height and color to otherwise short glasses on top.

2: Dracaena Plant

Remember how I said I can't keep plants alive. …… This plant is actually Adam's. He's the primary caretaker, but I get to enjoy the greenery in the corner. We picked ours up at Ikea for super cheap - especially considering the frog that came with it for free :) Don't worry - Chopsticks the frog is living the dream in a frog mansion at my friend's.

3: Dasani Sparkling Water

I have a relatively new found sparking water addiction - like drinking an 8 pack of La Croix over a weekend kind of addiction. I'm starting to branch out to other brands now, though. We just gave a couple of the Dasani flavors a try, and I have two cases in the fridge right now, if that means anything to you.

4: Market Spice Tea

We were on the hunt for some spices while in the Pike Place area and decided to stop in the little spice/tea shop behind the fish throwing stall. It was super cold out, so we tried to warm up with the market spice tea sample. It. Was. Delicious. Adam got me a box of tea bags for Valentine's Day, and I've had drank a cup almost every day since!

What products have you been loving recently?

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