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OOTD: Sunny Saturday

Last weekend had record-breaking warm weather in Seattle, and it was absolutely wonderful. We spent a lot more time outside - while keeping a safe distance from others, of course. We watched puppies play at Cal Anderson and sat in the shade at Volunteer Park. It was a great taste of summer that made this weekend's rainy weather that much sadder.

I got these shorts recently from ASOS, so I was very excited to get the chance to wear them so soon. This shirt is from Zara and was one of my last in-store purchases before the quarantine. I really like the oversized fit and that it's a little jazzed up version of a plain white t. The back has a v-neck and bubble hem that adds a little fun and keeps you a bit cooler in the heat.

Also, check out our finished puzzle on the edge of the first picture! It only took us about 2 months of inconsistent work, but it's finally done!

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