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4 Reasons to Add a Hat to Your Fall Accessory Lineup

4 Reasons to Add a Hat | Sunburn in Seattle

For the longest time, I refused to wear hats. I always thought my ears stuck out, my hair looked weird, and I kind of looked like a boy (but not in that cool androgynous way). I later came to realize that this was because I tried to wear hats in an era where half-mesh trucker hats were trendy. Thanks, Paris Hilton.

Throughout the years, I've tried other styles of hats to no avail. I wore what I called my 'adventure hat' on a road trip with Adam. I thought it was great at the time, but post-vacation pictures said otherwise. I bought a black floppy hat one summer but didn't feel confident enough to pull it off. Beanies only made an appearance when I was playing in the snow. I even tried out a basic baseball hat for a football game in my college days. Needless to say, that one didn't score either. (Pun intended.)

It wasn't until this summer that I bought a lavender "dad" hat at Urban Outfitters on a whim that I decided hats weren't the worst thing in the world. I'm not sure what changed. As soon as I pulled my hair into a low bun and put on the hat, I knew I had found the hat. I wore it to Mariners' games, adventuring, and to hungover brunches. It was perfect.

Cold Hat | Sunburn in Seattle

Since then I've broadened my hat horizons. I got rid of the original adventure hat. I've confidently revisited the black floppy hat. I bought another baseball hat, albeit with a bit more edge than a Flying WV. And, beanies have been making a regular appearance in my workday wardrobe this fall. Thank you, casual dress code.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider adding (more) hats to your fall wardrobe.

  1. They're a great third-piece. I recently broke out the black floppy hat for the first time in actual years. I paired it with a simple grey sweater, jeans, and black ankle boots. I instantly felt more put together. My outfit seemed more intentional and less thoughtless. Although we just spent an afternoon at a coffee shop, I felt pretty damn glamorous while we did - and sometimes, that's all we really need in life.

  1. They keep you warmer. Seattle's weather took a rapid turn into winter over the past week. Hoods don't cut it - they get blown off and aren't close enough to your head. Earmuffs are cute but a little overkill this early in the season. A great beanie will do the trick though! With solid color, patterned, slogan, and pom-pom topped varieties, there's something to match everyone's style.

  1. They give you chill girl vibes. It's not a secret that I have no chill. I don't know what it is, but I feel like my general demeanor is more relaxed and laid back when I'm wearing a baseball hat or beanie. There have been so many times I see a girl running errands or walking down the street with a hat on and think of how chill and cool she looks. Hats can do that for you, too.

  1. Sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it. Let's be real. If you haven't thrown on a hat to cover up 2-day-old hair, you're probably lying.

There you have it - hats are the best. Check out some of my fall hat picks below! Let me know in comments what type of hats you like to wear and how you liked to style them.

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